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An easier alternative to the MoTeC telemetry software.

Reference Data & Setup Download Feature for Assetto Corsa Competizione (more games to follow):

What is this?
The data feature in the Popometer Software lets you access reference data we created and compare it against your own - including the setup used.


Why Popometer?
For many people the rather custom motec always presents an entry hurdle, plus its sometimes hard for everyone to have the same settings. Especially the maths you have to create and understand for advanced setup stuff because of Assetto Corsa Competizione's limited data out are tricky for many.

Popometer reduces the complexity and the whole idea of creating it was to have something easier and more accessible than MoTeC. 
Providing motec files essentially makes them easy to share, similar to Coach Dave Academy setups - from a business standpoint this is far from ideal. Popometer allows for this information to be shared temporarily to eligible users.


Popometer pricing:

1. Subscribing to the Popometer software right now costs 5€ per month, which gives you access to comparing data within teams.

2. You can buy individual data packages that include telemetry and one or more setups with a one time payment of 5€ - regardless of being subscribed. 


Whats to come?

Popometer will keep getting updates with more graphs (+ extra driving analysis) and the user interface will keep improving.

work in progress

We'll keep adding to a comprehensive overview of simracing related software and games here for you to get a first glimpse.

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